Put Allah at the first, second, and always

Today is the last day in 2012, in next few hours the new day of new year will be come.  Time goes by so fast, and now I realize the meaning of being loses. " For the sake of time. Surely man is in loss, except those who believe and work righteousness, and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience" QS. Al 'Asr: 1-3).  I don't regret what has happened in my life but I do really regret some thing that I still could not finish until today.  I know that I waste time too much and too scare or lazy to started. But I have to change it and fix it in next year.  I don't want to make some new resolution with out any action..but I will make a new proposal with steps to follow and actions to do.

As a contemplation, I feel so grateful that Allah grand me so many good things in my life.  Health is every thing. When Allah gave me some symptom of influenza like fever, cough, hard to breath, insomnia ect. I could not deny that I am nothing with out the health.  So I just took some rest and enjoy it as a part of grateful to Allah, He knows me the best that I will not take some rest until I got sick :-)

Last time I had experience about "Put Allah at the first, second, and always".  I read a little book by Ustad Yusuf Mansur, it was explain about Tauhid, how you believe Allah in all way of life.  When I read it, it feel so simple but sound little bit weird in practise.  As a good muslim, of course I must believe it and try to practise it in my way of life.  I had problem and have to solve it. I need to sell some of my gold/jewellery.  I tried to practise it as Ustad YM wrote.  So I pray Dhuha before I went to the shop, I pray and asked Allah to help me and give me the highest and the best price so I can solve my problem.  After I checked the price for gold at that day, I went to the shop and sell mine.  And Alhamdulillah the shop willing to buy my gold with the highest price as I wanted.  And now I always try to apply it in all the way of life.  When you put Allah in all the way of life then Allah will always with you.

Hulu Hilir Halal Conference was held on 23 December 2012.  There was attend about 2000 people and 8 key note speakers: Aisha Maharani as founder of Halal Corner told about the reason to concern about halal in all the way of life and She asked us to be careful and concern in all aspect like food, cosmetic etc, Ahmad Ghozali as Financial Planner told us to started our halal way in earn money and use it for only halal thing because our family must get halal and we should change our financial and bank to Syariah, Ustad Felix Siaw told us to live as good muslim and it will lead us to next Glory of Islam as Khulafaur Rasyidin ever. Dr. Zaidul Akbar told us how to keep our health and live a islamic way.  Ustad Yusuf Mansur told us to make more sodaqoh and help other.  Ustad Gamaratan told us about his fight in helping Papua muslim there.  And the last but not least is the creator of the conference Andre Raditya, the young and simple man...he told us how to concern in our live and live in halal way....he asked us to help each other by avoid riba. There was so inspiring moment and I promise my self to live in halal way...Insya Allah.

Put Allah at the first, second, and always....then Allah will help you.  To get Allah's help...just do all the things that He ask to do and away from sin.  Put live in only halal way.  Read Qur'an and try to understand the meaning and practise it in your life.  I hope I can do it next time and my life will be better in future...Amen.

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