I am creative. I am a wife.  I will be a mother.  I will run my own business.  I am a teacher.  I am eager to learn new things in life.  I will do my best in all the things.  I will be gratitude and genuine.  I will be a good muslimah.  I am a champion and strive to excellence.

I run experiments and risks toward my dreams of starting my own business, being a published author, having a happy family, and serving on education for people.

Based on my character, I choose to explore many idea and write it.  I choose to have a healthy and energetic body.  I choose to be more romantic and lovable.  I choose to focus on my family as number one.  I choose to be more useful and helpful.  I choose to fulfill all my duty best.

I will hold on in my pursuit toward: finishing my online course, staying happily married, getting my US Green Card, as long as I learn new things in life, being success and happy in life, always practice and practice.

I plan and focus hard work on gaining skills in: being a good wife and mother, business, educations, working in team and try to be more creative.

My family includes my husband and children.  My other family includes my siblings and relatives, and other muslim who concern for good deeds. My home is Jakarta, and other muslim places and my dream home will be in lovely place and peace European Country as my offspring will be leader there.



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