Here I am..a wife

Time passed...its been two months that I am married, and there still lots of things that I should learn to build the Samara family.  This morning, after fajr my husband hug me and said " Thank you for loving me" but I only quite and say nothing.  I should replied and say the same.  It still not easy for me to express my feeling and I realized that many times I "kill" his feeling because I gave wrong feedback. I promise myself to change and become more expressive and lovable for him.  I ask apology to him for my weakness and he said "No problem, I know that you love showed it with all the things that you've done for me"

Saturday, 6 July 2013 was the day that we married.  After long time I've been waiting....finally I am married!
Flash back to the time we knew each other from a website.  Nathan Hoag is a reverted muslim man from USA. I like his performance and the way he told me everything about his life. I felt comfort and then we decided to continue the taaruf process and tried to dig each other life by asked many things through emails and used skype to see each other.  He already had plan for holiday with his friend visited Cambodia - Malaysia and Indonesia. And because I live in Jakarta, so I asked him to meet me.  It was 28th March 2013 when the first time we met at Masjid Istiqlal in Jakarta.  We spend the days to know each other and then on 29th March he proposed and gave me the ring!.  I introduced him to my family and they accepted him.  He was back again to USA at 3rd April and we planned for our wedding.

We planned the wedding at August 2013, but many things happened and we tried to make it easy and simple for the wedding.  After few times discussion by emails, he came to Jakarta at 26th June 2013 and we planned the wedding on Saturday 6th July 2013.  We only had little time to manage every things for the wedding. Alhamdulillah, many people helps us and the wedding run well and we were happy.  That was wonderful day and many friends and relatives came and bless us, pray for our happiness in future.  His family and friends from USA could not came...they sent greetings and congratulations by facebook and emails.  I am so grateful because Allah make my dreams come true...He just as what I am looking for...and now I am complete.

I pray that Allah will always guide us and make us together, love each other til the death apart and love each other in all the situation.  May Allah bless us with many pious child and prosperity in our future...aamiin.
Its not the end of the just the beginning...
I love you, my dear husband Nate

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