The pray

Ya Rabbi...there so many things happen in my life and none of them I regret about, I always tried my best to accepted all the things that you've gave to me...the good and bad things all happened for the reason and I had learn much of it. 
Ya Rabbi...please forgive all my sins and mistake in my past and even in my future.  I am so thankful to You because you give me chance to be a give me chance to enjoy the marriage and have my own family.  You make my dream come true.  You have sent my husband to complete my life and make my dream come true.  He just as what I wanted on the list....I still can't believe that You answered my pray...muslim reverted, tall, blue eyes, and dark blonde hair, and his character are good...."Then which of the Blessing of your Lord will you both (jinn and men) deny?"
I am so gratitude for the chance of being a wife...and I pray that you will give me chance of being a mother..I pray that You willing to grand us with pious offspring in future.  During my days as wife, I've learn that it is not easy to adapted with my husband behavior and character, there sometimes that we confused each other even hurt each other and didn't realized it.  Alhamdulillah each of us understand that we should try to understand each other and make good communication so it won't happen again in future.

Ya Rabbi...please help us to make our marriage become Sakinah Mawaddah Warahmah.  And help us to fulfill our needs.  I believe that You will make it for us as Your promise in the Qur'an An-Nur: 32 " And marry those among you who are single (i.e. a man who has no wife and the woman who has no husband) and (also marry) the Saalihuun (pious, fit, and capable ones) of your (male) slaves and maid-servants (female slaves).  If they be poor, Allah will enrich them out of His Bounty. And Allah is All-Sufficent for His creatures' needs, All-Knowing (about the state of the people)."   Ya Rabbi...You know all the state of us...we started our family with nothing...even we have some debt to our family (mothers and siblings) and we really need to pay them back soon because it not easy for us have this obligations...we only want to be free from loan and other debt. 
Ya Rahman Ya Your hands all the prosperity and please help us and give us some of the prosperity and wealthy so we can fulfill our needs and pay our debt and even we can share with other by give shadaqoh/zakat...we really want to be the Muzakki and helpful to others.  Ya this place, this country we try our best to follow all Your rules and live as good muslim. But this place just too many things related haram and we don't know if this place is good or bad for our future.  It's been few weeks we live here and we still don't have any job to do.  Our financial in chaos now...only left few dollars for living...and we become so stress and almost's not easy to sleep at night and even in a day we just could not have peace in mind.  My husband need help in control his emotion and stress...he just could not stopped from smoke and it make me sad.  Ya Allah, it is all because of You...we are so lucky because we have room here and it's his kindness of Mr. Yahya..May You give him best reward for his kindness.  Ya Allah...please help me and husband to get job, so we can have salary and money to fulfill our needs and pay the debt to family....I only ask to You my Lord...because You are the Biggest and The Richest...please help us to enrich our life and make this easy for us.  Please My Lord...We need job and money.  It is not only about the about being active and have something to do...being useful to others and keep the promise to family...It is very important to me and husband to pay our debt and loan in time because we don't want to make our mother in is not her duty to pay all the debt because that's all our debt...please My Lord...don't hurt our mother in that way...I only want to be good daughter for her...I have to do all my obligations to her...please help me to keep my promise to my mother...I just want to make her happy in her life and make her proud of me...I don't want to hurt her Ya please help me and husband to make it for her.  Ya Rabbi...there are some opportunity for our future: work in Arab country or work in Cambodia.  Please help us to give the best future for us...which one is the best, send the signal obviously and clear and make it fast and easy...and make us genuine(ikhlas) in accepted everything that You give and decide for us. I believe that You will make it for us as before.  Please forgive us because we are less in ikhtiar (trying) and less in knowledge, and less in doing something for good.  This is all that I know to make You ridha and answered my pray...May You Willing to make it come true and may we gratitude for it. Aamiin.

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